I am not a molecule (part 1)

Part 1 – Are you a giant molecule?

Author, surfer, American chemical engineer, and ironman (aspirant) Libb Thims is “Your human chemistry professor” and is founder/organizer of the Institute of Human Thermodynamics (IoHTD). Over the next three days, Improbable will be profiling Thims and linking to a suite of his publications – the first of which provides, in the form of an explanitory video, his answers to the perplexing question ‘Are you a giant molecule?’

If it is possible to describe, say, a sugar cube by means of its chemical formula C12H22O11, then why not an entire human being? Are we (simply) a multi-element reactive molecule following the general form : H2.5E9 O9.7E8 C4.9E8 N4.7E7 P9.0E6 Ca8.9E6 K2.0E6 Na1.9E6 S1.6E6 Cl1.3E6 Mg3.0E5 Fe5.5E4 F5.4E4 Zn1.2E4 Si9.1E3
Cu1.2E3 B7.1E2 Cr98 Mn93 Ni87 Se65 Sn64 I60 Mo19 Co17 V ?

View Thim’s nine-and-a-half minute video explanation – entitled ‘I am a molecule!’ here.