Cause and Effect: Avenging Elephants

Fr. Sunil de Silva, of the organization America Needs Fatima, reports what is (to him) almost certainly a case of cause and effect:

In July 2008 a severe persecution of Christians broke out in the Indian state of Orissa….The end result saw more than 500 Christians murdered, and thousands of others injured… Recently a strange and dramatic event took place in Orissa, which has many people talking and wondering.

In recent months, herds of wild elephants have begun to storm villages that are home to some of the worst persecutors of Christians during the troubles. In one village, where in August a year ago the Christians had to run for their lives while their homes were being destroyed by rioters, a herd of elephants emerged from the surrounding jungle exactly one year later, in July 2009, at the same time of the day of the attack….

Nobody in this area has seen or even imagined the unique appearance of a herd of wild elephants such as this. The elephants are not ordinary elephants; they appear to be on a mission.

(Thanks to investigator Paul Lally for bringing this to our attention.)