Thankfully atypical burns – #1 of 8

As was pointed out in Annals of Improbable Research March | April 2010 (volume 16, number 2) Sec.1:22 ‘Toilet Tragedy’ , burns are not restricted to the more obvious heat-producing sources. Along with burns received via incendiary toilet contents, Improbable draws attention to the following documented examples – identifying various other items which can, under unfortunate circumstances, induce burns. Here is the first of several reports.

Thankfully atypical burn #1

Bouncy castles.

“The bouncy castle has become a de rigeur garden accessory for children’s parties. The premise is a simple one, to contain and entertain the masses”

They are not, however, entirely hazard-free.

“We report the case of a friction burn sustained following an afternoon in a bouncy castle.”