New book: The Penis Shortener

Erwin Kompanje, the AIR European Bureau’s research researcher, who is also a medical ethicist at the Erasmus University Medical Center in Rotterdam, is a passionate collector of historical medical books. His collection inspired him to write De Penisverkorter (The Penis Shortener), short stories (in Dutch) about neglected and forgotten remarkable discoveries in medicine. The title of the book refers to his classic paper, published in Archives of Sexual Behaviour, about the simple yet effective device invented by G.F. Hildanus (1560-1634) to shorten the oversized penis of a German (and lengthen the life of his wife).

‘De penisverkorter’ will be launched today at the Natuurhistorisch Museum Rotterdam, where a replica of the penis-shortening device and some historical medical books will be on display. Order the book here or ask for it at your local bookseller (in the Netherlands).

Here is a picture of the author with the first copy of his book, and a glass of beer.