Ig Nobel talk tonight, in Amsterdam

Tonight, Friday, April 9, 2010 at 5.30-00.00 pm the 1st AMC APROVE Symposium for PhD students will take place at the Royal Rowing Club the Hoop, Amsterdam, the Netherlands. It’s called ‘Scientist come out of your lab‘.  Ig Nobel winner (and AIR European Bureau Chief) Kees Moeliker will talk about (1) improbable research and (2) the Ig Nobel prizes, and (3) the special topic ‘Magpies (Aves: Corvidae) and chocolate easter eggs: a new trophic relationship?’

Other speakers include Peter Agre (president AAAS), Philip Campbell (editor-in-chief Nature), Roel Coutinho (director RIVM Centre for Disease Control), Robbert Dijkgraaf (president KNAW), and Louise Vet (director NIOO). Tickets (euro 25 including dinner and a drink) will be available at the door. Come early, especially if you are not a PhD student.