OM sweet OM

Our attentiveness and our concentration are pilfered from us by the proceedings [which] take place around us in the world in recent times.

According to research from Sipna’s College of Engineering & Technology, Amravati University, Maharashtra, India, this pilfering might be reduced, if not entirely eliminated, by regularly chanting ‘OM’.
Professors Ajay Anil Gurjar and Siddharth A. Ladhake (pictured) point out that :

“Meditation is essential for all human beings. In the same way, for pschychological [sic] stress, Speech signal is uttered to be a considerable indicator. In the direction of mediating human subject, ‘OM’ is a spiritual mantra, outstanding to fetch peace and calm.”

Or, put another way :

“Those who do meditation of OM daily will get tremendous power. They will have lustre in their eyes and faces.”

To try to and pin down scientific criteria which might give rise to such effects, the team performed Digital Signal Processing (DSP) Time-Frequency Analysis on recordings of both amateur and experienced ‘OM’ chanters – concentrating specifically on the underlying Daubechies Wavelet and Haar Wavelet transforms.
The complex polynomial based analyses showed that experienced chanters were considerably steadier (time and frequency wise) in their production of the ‘OM‘ sound. (see waveform graphic).

“We have concluded that OM chanting affords steadiness in the mind scientifically.”

– say the professors. in their paper ‘Time-Frequency Analysis of Chanting Sanskrit Divine Sound “OM” Mantra’  which is published in the International Journal of Computer Science and Network Security, VOL.8 No.8, August 2008