A new kind of underpants

Ronald Stuart Cutlip – a New York based Golf Course Architect and Real Estate Agent – has invented a new type of undergarment – and has recently received a US patent for it ( March 16th 2010 ).

“An article of clothing including a pair of underwear for a male adult comprises a waistband, an underwear section comprising buttocks, hips, and male package covering portions, defining a pair of leg holes therebetween, and a pouch, secured to the rear of the front portion of the waistband and suspended above the bottom of the underwear, the pouch having side edges which inwardly overly the leg holes with the bottom of the pouch tacked to the center of the underwear section.”

It should be noted that the key element of the new system – viz. the pouch – can also be integrated into other types of garment.- e.g. boxers, pajamas, shorts, sweatpants, running shorts, hospital gowns, and even army fatigues, etc.

“In this manner, the wearing of men’s underwear will become even more comfortable and any irritation, warmth, chafing, etc., especially problematic for those required to wear their underwear for extended periods of time (Army, Marine, policemen, truckers, desk-jobs, taxi drivers, etc.) will be minimized.”

The patent can also be examined (with drawings)  in full here