Tabar, Medical Performance Artist

“The turning point for Tabar occurred when he realised that the hospital environment offered opportunities to exploit his lust for creativity.“

The Tabar in question is Ive Tabar – a medical performance artist (and hospital orderly) from Slovenia – and an article in the latest issue of the Journal of Performance and Art (from MIT press) describes some of his achievements. “… for instance, in ‘Fibrilacija’, Tabar performed a medical procedure called fibrillation, where he, while fully conscious, pushed a catheter all the way to his heart so that the audience could see the moment when his heart trembled on a monitor.“ In another of Tabar’s pieces  ‘Luknjo v koleno’ (hole in the knee) he drilled though his leg with the aid of a ½ inch surgical drill in front of a live audience. (He’d had some practice – having previously drilled though some beef bones from a local butchers to perfect the technique.)
Read more about Tabar’s art in this (roughly translated) article from Mladina Tednik magazine. Note : complete with pictures – which are decidedly not for the squeamish.