Scarle’s XBoxian firsts

Dr. Simon Scarle of Warwick University tells us some merits of his study “Implications of the Turing completeness of reaction-diffusion models, informed by GPGPU simulations on an XBox 360: Cardiac arrhythmias, re-entry and the Halting problem”:

In this paper I used an XBox 360’s GPU to simulate cardiac tissue and carry out research on the underlying principles behind a heart attack. It has a number of firsts. Among them:
1. First research paper to present calculations carried out on a XBox 360

2. First research paper to cite the video games Crackdown & Prince of Perisa, ( this after my previous paper “Highlighting a Link between the Gay-Berne Potential and the Boid Flocking Model” being the first research paper to cite both “The Lion King” movie, and the third Matrix movie. )

3.  First paper to suggest the possibility of using cardiac tissue as a computational device, and when are robot overloads do come I hope they will note I have be working for the their cause all along.
6. First paper to be publicised with such embarrassing photos