Mobile Phones Stimulate Saliva, Then Don’t

Further evidence that cell phones perhaps cause effects of some sort, that “should be revealed to the worldwide population”:

The influence of handheld mobile phones on human parotid gland secretion,” O. Goldwein, and D.J. Aframian, Oral Diseases, vol. 16, no. 2, March 2010, pp. 146-50. The authors, at Hebrew University-Hadassah School of Dental Medicine, Jerusalem, Israel, report:

Stimulated parotid saliva was collected simultaneously from both glands in 50 healthy volunteers whose MPH [Handheld Mobile Phone] use was on a dominant side of the head.

Results: A significantly higher saliva secretion rate was noticed in the dominant MPH side compared with that in the non-dominant side….

Interestingly, when the number of years of MPH use increased, the ratio of saliva secretion between the dominant and non-dominant sides decreased This phenomenon should be revealed to the worldwide population.