Pres praises pork

A 1983 medical report about Mexico [see details below] conceivably helps explain this January 28, 2010 AFP report (in the Windsor Star) from Argentina:

Eating pork is at least as effective as popping a Viagra pill to spice up your sex life, according to Argentine President Cristina Kirchner, who claims to have tested the theory. “Pork consumption improves sexual activity,” Kirchner informed a surprised gathering of business people at a meeting at the presidential palace.

The medical report is:

Customs which predispose to Chagas’ disease and cysticercosis in Mexico,” P.M. Salazar-Schettino, Am J Trop Med Hyg. 1983 Sep;32(5):1179-80. The author explains:

Customs in small isolated populations of Mexico are described which influence the prevalence of cysticercosis and Chagas’ disease. People in some villages prefer the taste of pork harboring cysticerci. Certain triatomids are thought to have aphrodisiac properties and are therefore eaten.