Mad honey runners-up

The winner of the Mad Honey Sex Limerick Competition will be announced soon, in the January issue of mini-AIR. The competition asked for a limerick to honor the study “Mad Honey Sex: Therapeutic Misadventures From an Ancient Biological Weapon,” Ahmet Demircan, et al., Annals of Emergency Medicine, 2009. Here are the runners-up:

‘kay, so you ate some bad honey.
I’m willing to bet even money
You did it for sex.
The symptoms now vex —
The vomiting just isn’t funny.

Mad honey’s a dangerous lure
For middle-aged men who endure
Indigestion, arthritis,
Diabetes mellitus,
And impotence, too, to be sure.

You’ve got to be slightly unhinged
To go off on a mad honey binge.
Though it might give great sex,
It’s got strong side effects;
It’s Viagra, with free bonus *cringe*.