Connect-the-facts: Crandelmire

Today’s Connect-the-Facts puzzle asks you to connect these three facts:

spreader1. Scotty H. Crandelmire is a real estate agent.

2. Scotty H. Crandlemire owns an airplane.

3. Scotty H. Crandlemire invented (US patent application #12/218,331) “a cremated remains spreading device that includes a hopper for holding the cremated remains having a conduit attached to the hopper. A blower assembly including a blower and motor is connected to a first end of the conduit for providing a pressurized air flow through the conduit. The hopper is adapted to deposit the cremated remains into the pressurized air flow in the conduit, the cremated remains being discharged from an outlet port formed at a second end of the conduit.”

(Thanks to investigator Bill Torkildson for bringing numbers 2 and 3 to our attention.)