The reality of Miss Sweetie Poo

Miss Sweetie Poo is a fictional character — a role played in the Ig Nobel Prize ceremony — but that role is played by a real eight-year-old girl. A  blog commenter called ‘Shulamuth,’ familiar with Miss SP only from radio broadcasts, had understandably (given the rigorous selection process used to find each new Miss Sweetie Poo) not realized this. Shulamuth wrote:

You know, all these years I’ve been assuming that an adult, maybe even Lily Tomlin, was portraying Miss Sweetie Poo because that perfect tone of pre-adolescent ennui struck me as unlikely to come out of an actual pre-adolescent. I am so pleased to find out I was wrong.

The current Miss Sweetie Poo is visible near the center of this photo, which was taken at the 2009 Ig Nobel Prize ceremony: