Best party favor ever

Amanda Yarnell writes, at C&Ntral Science:

Best Party Favor Ever
Party favors are best when they are edible, I’ve always thought. So I was disappointed when I sat down to dinner at Bill Lipscomb’s 90th birthday party last night to find a tiny, not-chocolate-coated book next to my plate. Then I took a closer look. The favor was a tiny flip book, put together by Bill’s wife Jean and Marc Abrahams of IgNobel fame, intended as a tutorial on tying The Colonel’s* signature neckwear. The flip book had a limited print run, I hear. But here’s the video from which it came, in case you want to give it a go yourself.

*The Colonel is so nicknamed, as many of you know, because he is a member of the Honorary order of Kentucky Colonels — putting him in the company of the likes of Elvis, Tiger Woods, and Derek Barton.