Carter seeks direction

Investigator Lachlann Carter writes

My name is Lachlann – I am studying Primary Education at the University of Melbourne. I’ve got a quandry, and I figured if anyone could help me with it, it would be you Scientists. Yesterday, while walking to the shops, I found myself once more performing the international footpath dance with a stranger, both of us being unable to collaborate on a method of passing each other without colliding. It got me thinking, is there a way to factor in all the variables (velocity, angle of travel, direction of the sun’s rays, location of dog poo, others??) to come up with a formula that can help determine on which side a person should pass? Has anyone done any research on this before? Would anyone be interested? If so, can they let me know the outcome? To illustrate my question, I’ve done a drawing (a 3 wines and no formal training kind of drawing).