Herring intrigue in Copenhagen tonight

Tonight the Ig Nobel Tour of Denmark arrives in Copenhagen (actually we arrived yesterday, and Dan Meyer and Magnus Wahlberg were invited onto a live national TV broadcast, where the host was a bit disconcerted at suddenly realizing that she was removing a sword from the throat of a polite man who speaks interesting but obviously new Danish, though he was not speaking during the moments when the sword was being withdrawn).

Håkan Westerberg joins the tour today. Tonight’s show will be the only one where both he and colleague  Magnus Wahlberg tell (and maybe show) how their discovery about farting herring affected the course of diplomatic, military, and espionage history.

Where: Lundbeckauditoriet, Københavns Universitet Gratis billetter kan afhentes i indgangen til Zoologisk og Geologisk Museum efter påsken

When: Fredag 24/4 19:00-21:00