A little numbers game

Investigator William J. Maloney received the following note. It maybe be of interest as a harbinger of what scientists will be doing for the next several years:

Dear William,

From where I sit, small is big. In my work at Boston College, I focus on developing nanotechnology-inventions so small they are measured in nanometers: billionths of a meter. From improving solar energy to detecting and treating diseases, my students and I work on ultra-tiny devices that have huge benefits.
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I am writing today to apply the principles of nanotechnology to our efforts to strengthen Boston College. In fact, I have a theory that even the very smallest gifts can combine to have a huge impact. I call this my theory of “nano-giving.” But I need your help to put this theory to the test:
Will you make a gift of $8.63 to Boston College today?

A positive response to this question will tell us that nano-giving is a force to be reckoned with. If my theory is sound, alumni like you will respond with individual gifts of every size for many purposes. Over time and in combination with countless other donors, your nano-gifts will have a mega-impact!

Why do I suggest $8.63? Because it reminds me of 1863, the year BC was founded. At the time, BC was certainly “nano” on the stage of higher education; but think of how, almost 150 years later, with the help of many alumni, its impact has grown over time.

Of course it’s up to you to decide what gift amount is right for you. Please take a few minutes to make your gift to BC today.

Thank you for your consideration.


Dr. Michael J. Naughton
Physics Department Chairman