Diet Coke Plus: Much more than a Fortified Snack

A snack can also be contraceptive — failure to appreciate this fact may be the unspoken story behind a December 24, 2008 Bloomberg news report:

FDA: Diet Coke Plus violates rules

Coca-Cola Company’s claims that Diet Coke Plus contains vitamins and minerals violate US regulations, the Food and Drug Administration said in a letter to the world’s largest soft-drink maker. Coca-Cola, based in Atlanta, should “take prompt action to correct these violations,” according to the letter posted yesterday on the FDA’s website. The company disagreed with the finding.

Diet Coke Plus contains vitamins and minerals, including 10 percent of the recommended daily value for magnesium and 15 percent for vitamin B12.

“The FDA does not consider it appropriate to fortify snack foods such as carbonated beverages,” the agency said.

The FDA (The U.S. Food and Drug Administration) ignores the discovery by Dr. Deborah J. Anderson and her colleagues that Coca-Cola is a spermicide (though it is not the most effective or reliable contraceptive on the market). Dr. Anderson et al were honored with a 2008 Ig Nobel Prize, and several days ago published a followup study in the BMJ. Click here for details, and to watch part of her talk at the 2008 Ig Informal Lectures.