Catch a cold in Britain (video)

1946 Holidaying in a Draught (book p. 120)
When researcher at the British Government’s Common Cold Unit in Salisbury 90 miles southwest of London tried to find out how one gets a cold they were in for a surprise: their experiments demonstrated that the common cold had nothing to do with cold temperatures. Although most people believe differently that is true to this day.

Being a guinea pig was especially popular with students. They considered it a cheap holiday: free accommodation in spacious flats which were fully equipped with books, games, a radio and telephone and spend your leisure time playing table tennis, badminton, or golf. You even got paid three shillings a day for your trouble. The only risk was: one could catch a cold.

So writes Reto Schneider in the web site for his book The Mad Science Book: 100 amazing experiments from the history of science, newly published in an English  (UK) edition (which we described recently.)

Click on the image below to watch an odd bit of video about this: