Medical Journal: Using Astrology to Get Pregnant

A journal called Sexuality, Reproduction & Menopause, says (on its web site) that it “seeks to expand the horizon of women’s healthcare.” The August 2008 issue includes a stellar example of that expansion:

Managing Fertility Treatments and Stress with Astrology,” Pat Harris, SRM [Sexuality, Reproduction & Menopause], vol. 6, no. 3, August 2008, pp. 43-4. The author is in Southampton, UK.

An “editor’s note” on the first page of that article explains why the article is important:

Patients pose challenging questions and as the stress of disease and failed treatments increases, they may ask for your opinion about non-allopathic procedures. Knowing the vocabulary and theories behind such remedies is often helpful in these discussions. Although the research results presented in the following article are not statistically significant, clinicians may benefit from learning more about opinions of astrologers and the work that they do.

The journal is an official publication of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine.

(Thanks to investigator Kenneth Mackenzie for bringing this to our attention.)