Under cover agents: stress, cash and ‘staches

Frequently, the UCE [Under Cover Employee]’s feeling of alienation results from the distorted perceptions associated with highly stressful situations, although, sometimes, a factual basis exists. Fellow employees may resent UCEs because they get special attention. Co-workers observe what appears to be UCEs’ living the good life: staying out all night, wearing expensive or exotic clothes and jewelry, spending large amounts of someone else’s money, driving great cars or motorcycles, and seemingly working fewer hours than everyone else.

So says the study “Managing Undercover Stress—The Supervisor’s Role,” by Stephen R. Band, Ph.D., and Donald C. Sheehan, M.A., P.M.C., Law Enforcement Bulletin, February 1999. The issue features numerous photographs, mostly of men, about half of whom are mustachioed. It includes photographs of Stephen R. Band and Donald C. Sheehan, neither of whom is shown with a mustache.