The case of the blind histologists

Investigator Ron Goldstein writes:

I was reading the following article:

Laser Induced Collagen Remodeling: A Comparative Study In Vivo on Mouse Model,” Huaxu Liu, et al., Lasers in Surgery and Medicine 40:13—19 (2008).

The article is about using lasers to increase collagen in skin, of particular interest to those who wish to reduce wrinkles in their skin, and dermatologists who wish to make money doing so.

The figure legend to Figure 5 in this article reads:
“Fig. 5. The relative increase in percentages of collagen type I and III ranked by two blind histologists at 8 weeks after the four laser irradiation (sic).” [The sentence indeed ends here, there is some missing phrase, probably something like “… treatments”.]
Histologists are those who make a living preparing things for observation in microscopes, and observing those things in the microscope by looking (with their eyes) into these instruments. These must be amazing histologists indeed if they are able to use senses other than sight to evaluate their preparations in a microscope!