Bored of wrestlers, back into birds

?John duPont is looking for artists to illustrate a new bird book. If you know of any interested parties please send a sample of your work and resume to ?. ?

This announcement, posted on eBEAC, the electronic Bulletin for European Avian Curators, made me think.

John E duPont? The multimillionaire (heir to the DuPont chemical fortune), the trained ornithologist who discovered and officially named a more than a dozen new (sub)species of birds, collector of stamps, birds and shells, founder of the Delaware Museum of Natural History? Doesn?t he suffer from paranoid schizophrenia and isn?t he in prison after murdering an Olympic wrestler in 1996?
Reportedly, yes. But now, after getting bored of wrestlers, he apparently has regained his interest in birds again. Rumour goes that duPont will reward his bird illustrators generously.