The further adventures of Frank W.

AtomEveFinale.jpgAh 1999?the summer my husband Frank Wilczek almost blew up the universe, as recently dredged up by the latest New Yorker.

So writes Betsy Devine.

“I know Frank Wilczek,” Engelen told me. “He is an order of magnitude smarter than I am. But he was perhaps a bit na?ve.” Engelen said that CERN officials are now instructed, with respect to the L.H.C.?s world-destroying potential, “not to say that the probability is very small but that the probability is zero.”

So writes Elizabeth Kolbert in the May 14, 2007 issue of the New Yorker.

Frank Wilczek has since remedied that na?vete by viewing the world from the point of view of an oxygen atom.