Goodbye, Stefek Zaba

StefekZabaSings.jpgWe pass on the sad news that Stefek Zaba is dead.

Two weeks ago, on March 12, at the Ig Nobel show in Bristol, Stefek sang the role of Atom, the little atom who falls in love with a beautiful woman chemist, in the mini-opera “Atom & Eve.” His performance was filled with vim, gusto, and atomic cheer.

Stefek, an engineer, worked at Hewlett-Packard for twenty years, and was, from what we hear, a beloved “character” (a word colleagues used in telling us about Stefek) of the best sort. We met Stefek only for the performance, and for a brief chat afterwards. Stefek proposed, quite insistently, to write several articles for the Annals of Improbable Research. Now we will all have to do without.

Our sympathies go out to Stefek’s family and friends.

This photo was taken by Ig Nobel Prize winner Kees Moeliker, at the performance. Stefek’s co-stars, Vicki Broderick and Ian Henderson, are visible to the left. (Click on the photo to see an enlargement.)