Parasites without leashes

ParasitesUnleashed.gifBecome one of life’s ultimate insiders! In PARASITES UNLEASHED! you control a wily parasite, racing to complete your life cycle, mate, and lay eggs before your opponents. Do all the entertainingly gross things real parasites do — bore into vital organs, hide inside a blood cell, hitch a ride inside a mosquito, even take over your host’s brain! But beware, because your enemies can add stages to your life cycle, and zap you with medicine!

PARASITES UNLEASHED! is a simple and fast-paced non-collectible card game for 2-4 players ages 8 and up.

So say the manufacturers. But this parasite-infested game, unlike the parasites that infest it, is still leashed. The manufacturers say they will be “shipping” it several months from now.
(Thanks to investigator Sally Shelton for bringing this to our attention.)