Lab rat terriers

LittleBear.JPGWhat breed of dog is most popular with scientists? The answer should be: Lab Rat Terriers. A lab rat terrier is the result of mating (a) a labrador retriever with (b) a rat terrier. However, few — if any — scientists own lab rat terriers.

If you own a lab rat terrier, we invite you to join the Association of Lab Rat Terrier Fanciers (ALRTF).

To join, send us a photograph of your lab rat terrier, with pithy-yet-informative accompanying background info. We will post the most lab-rat-terrierific of them here on the ALRTF web site. [Email to: “LAB RAT TERRIERS – ALRTF” c/o “marca AT”]

The ALRTF web site, like its quasi-companion, the LFHCfS (Luxuriant Flowing Hair Club for Scientists) web site, is part of the Improbable Research web site.