Young Lion Researcher

Investigator Verena Wieloch writes about a young researcher she happened to see:

I got to go to the invitation only dress-rehearsal of the Lion King last

We had a four year old doing a very hilarious play by play behind us. The mother was apologetic, but the kid was so funny, we didn’t care.

Sister: What are all those bones for?
Kid: Everything’s dead.

At the qiet moment, when one character on stage has just mentioned a secret, he inquires honestly “What’s a secret?”

One of the main characters dies and Kid goes “Those people don’t die in real life, right?”

Lions come on stage and fight with swords. Kid insists “Lions don’t have swords.” A few minutes later, more insistently, “Lions DON’T HAVE SWORDS.”

And in the quiet ending of the romantic scene, he says “Is it over now?”

Investigator Wieloch’s letter illustrates, yet again, the principle outlined in the AIR Teachers’ Guide, that kids are naturally good scientists (and that we should help them stay that way).