The patent application seems to challenge the “one sentence per claim” rule. It reads:

What is new in the art of “Glory!” is that there has never been a Christian board game designed or illustrated such as this! From each individually characterized figurine representing the “Armour of God” to the uniquely designed game cards to the destination in which we seek has never been placed on a board ever! The particulars of the game give each Player the opportunity to learn about God in a more personal way while learning how to study the word of God at the same time. “Glory!” is solely designed to enhance the Christian and/or “unbeliever” in their walk with God simultaneously bringing the family together in an atmosphere that is conducive for learning and growing together. It has its ups and downs as with all games because there will be winners and losers and in this case, there will be those that make it to “Glory!” and those that don’t! Continual playing of the game will bring hours of family entertainment and enjoyment in a good and positive atmosphere!

The inventor, whose name is Senora Melody Downs, of Baltimore, Mariland, filed this application with the United States Patent and Trademark Office on June 6, 2002. The patent office ultimately denied the application.

See entire application here.

See the inventor’s technical illustration of Glory here.

(Thanks to Investigator Martin Meder for bringing this to our attention.)