Portfolio of a Genius

The new version of Portfolio of a Genius has just arrived. For the better part of a decade, we have been receiving the laboriously crafted, increasingly thick versions of this wondrous work. They arrive in our mailbox at the post office, always unanticipated, always surprising by their very existence.

The author, James E. Shepherd, Jr. — the subject and author of the Portfolio — switched from paper to CD a few years ago, perhaps at the request of the heavily burdened postal workers of the world.

Each new paper version was thicker than its predecessor, and weightier, too. “Mighty thick and mighty heavy” would be a good way to describe the later pre-CD incarnations.

The CD versions are of course svelter, but also fuller than ever with documentation of the life, and correspondence, and especially the correspondence about the corresponence, of Mr. Shepherd. Each new version contains all that was in its predecessors, and also copies of all correspondence sent and received pertaining thereto.

A web version now exists; you can see it here. We are intending to schedule time to schedule time to begin to read it some day. Perhaps you will, too.