Word of the day ‘Re-McDonaldization’

Preamble : An Improbable attempt at an etymological background: • McDonaldization : (noun) The process by which a society (or part thereof) takes on some of the characteristics of a fast-food restaurant. • De-McDonaldization : (noun)  The process by which a society (or part thereof) reverts back from displaying some of the characteristics of a […]

Love-words have been disappearing from love songs

Words about love are, or at least were, disappearing from love songs. This University of Colorado study quantified the phenomenon: “Expressions of love, sex, and hurt in popular songs: A content analysis of all-time greatest hits,” Richard L. Dukes [pictured here], Tara M. Bisel, Karoline N. Borega, Eligio A. Lobato, Matthew D. Owens, The Social Science […]

Why brain extraction is not as bad as it sounds

Scientists marvel at how other scientists – the ones who study something other than what they themselves study – give strange meanings to common words. Evan Shellshear, at Fraunhofer Chalmers Centre in Gothenburg, sent me an example, a study called Fast Robust Automated Brain Extraction. Shellshear said: “I stumbled across this article somehow [whilst] looking for […]

What, if anything, is crazy about this?

This month’s “What, if anything, is crazy about this?” essay poses a complex challenge. Write a clear, sensible essay telling what, if anything is crazy about the following study: “Effet de l’écoute de mots déjà hallucinés chez des sujets schizophrènes en rémission : étude de six cas par la résonance magnétique nucléaire fonctionnelle” [Effects of […]