Ig Nobel winner reviews a peer’s book

One Ig Nobel Prize winner (Chris McManus, biology prize 2002, for his study “Scrotal Asymmetry in Man and Ancient Sculpture“) reviewed a new book written by another Ig Nobel Prize winner (Daniel Lieberman, physics prize 2009, for analytically determining why pregnant women don’t tip over), in the February 17, 2011 issue of The Times Higher […]

“Tentacles? Testicles!” — Treats on Trays

A Kansas State University researcher takes a colorful approach to a supposedly bland subject: “Tentacles? Testicles! A Sampling of Perceptions on Uneatable Food Items Among Undergraduate Students,” Anne Donovan, presented at the Associaton of American Geographers 2009 Annual Meeting, Las Vegas (Thanks to Juanita Brown for bringing this to our attention.)