Slobodchikoff on the imminence of cross-species chit-chatter

A mere eleven years after the inventors of Bow-Lingual were awarded the Ig Noble Peace Prize, Con Slobodchikoff, professor emeritus at Arizona State University and President and CEO of Animal Communications, Ltd., explains how near we are to having computer-aided communications with some animals. Megan Garber interviewed Slobodchikoff for The Atlantic. Here’s a bit of that interview: […]

Involuntary Hippophagia (2): Horsemeat and Hamsters

Improbable readers may be familiar with the Pork-Cat Syndrome (a link between allergic sensitivity to pork meat and cat epithelia), details of which were first published in 1994. Perhaps less well known though is the Horsemeat-Hamster Syndrome, which could have implications for those who have been exposed to the current UK outbreak of Involuntary Hippophagia. […]

Laugh-Out-Loud-Speak, academic Konklushuns

Since their mainstream emergence online circa 2006/2007, LOLcats (Laugh Out Loud Cats) have afforded an abundance of amusing annotated amateur artistry. Although it took some years to attract the attention of serious academic investigators, the unusual form of linguistic construction used by the LOLcat community – now known as ‘LOLspeak’ – has at last been […]

Men, Women and Parasites: The Pleasantness of Smelling Urine

Still another finding about cats and “fatal attraction”: “Fatal Attraction Phenomenon in Humans – Cat Odour Attractiveness Increased for Toxoplasma-Infected Men While Decreased for Infected Women,” Jaroslav Flegr [pictured here], Pavlína Lenochová, Zdeněk Hodný, Marta Vondrová, PLoS Neglected Tropical Diseases, no. 5, vol. 11, epub November 8, 2012, e1389. The authors, at Charles University and […]

Katz on dogs

Professor Katz [pictured here] specialises in problems with dogs (amongst other things). Specifically, for example, Ceroid-Lipofuscinosis in Tibetan Terriers. “Ceroid-lipofuscinosis (CLN) occurs in a number of animal species in addition to humans. Animals in which CLN has been reported include a number of dog breeds, including Tibetan Terriers, English Setters, Polish Lowland Sheepdogs, and American Bulldogs. Dr. […]

George Macleod and book dilution

George Macleod (MRCVS, DVSM, Vet.FFHom, according to reports) wrote several books. A web site [from which we reproduce the apparently diluted photo you see here]  that sells those books says: George Macleod, a graduate of Glasgow University, is one of the world’s foremost authorities on homoeopathic treatment of animals. He is one of the few veterinary […]