Annals of Improbable Research SEP | OCT 2021 (vol 27, number 5)

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Special Issue: Children

Pre-Teen Werewolf
Big-Toe Curling
Saliva, Snot, and Sugar

The features marked with a star (*) are based entirely on material taken straight from standard research (and other Official and Therefore Always Correct) literature. Many of the other articles are genuine, too, but we don’t know which ones.

May We Recommend: The Heightened Danger of Noodle Soup*


Special Section: Children

Unusual Children*
Children and Walking and Toes*
What Children Dislike or Like*
Children Chewing*
Saliva, Snot and Sugar*

Improbable Research Reviews

Improbable Research: Achievers, Elastics, Stool Gazers*
Medical: Teeth, Hula-Hoops, Toad-Kissing*
Babinski Sign and a History of Hammers*
Icky Cutesy Research Review: Wolf and Leech*
Ig® and Beyond: Compulsive Whistling, Maggots on Pizza*

News & Notes

AIR Vents (letters from our readers): Impossible Events, March of Time
Ig Nobel Limericks: Levitating Frogs, Incompetence Unawareness*
Editorial Board
Index of Special Issues
Unclassified Ads

On the Front Cover

The upraised big toe—the Babinski sign—evident in a child, in a Renaissance painting. See page 11 and page 22.

On the Back Cover

An unidentified man stands inside a spiracle on a lava field near Laxamyri Iceland,1893.

Where There’s More

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