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Reviews by P.D. GREENE, London Bureaucracy Club™ member #34066

  • Catch-22, book by Joseph Heller. REVIEW: "Novel. Funny. About army bureaucracy, but really about all bureaucracy. The classic of classics. Funny. Funny. Love it!"
  • The Castle, book by Franz Kafka. REVIEW: "Novel. Grim, funny, philosophical, troubling, lushly stark. A work of art, a warning guide about bureaucratic non-sense."
  • How To Succeed in Business Without Really Trying, film starring Robert Morse, 1967. REVIEW: "Film. Musical comedy. Dead-on terrific. Dated yet utterly timeless. Hilarious yet also a very, very useful how-to guide."

Reviews by G. NEITHERQUIST, Washington Bureaucracy Club™ member #4

Reviews by N.N. PEEBLES, Paris Bureaucracy Club™ member #207

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