HotAIR - BUREAUCRATIC REVIEW - vol. 23, no. 3 - Bureaucracy Haiku


Chronicling the favorite activities and procedures of bureaucrats

Volume 23, number 3

Special Issue: Bureaucracy Haiku by Robin Pearce

This special issue presents the first of a many-part series of bureaucracy haiku by the noted bureaucratic poet Robin Pearce.

The opinions and observations expressed here represent the opinions of the poet and do not necessarily represent the views of those who hold other opinions or have other observations.

Haiku A-901

    Acronyms drop from
    The lips of the consultants
    Like cherry blossoms.

Haiku A-921

Haiku A-946

    A cell phone shrills and
    Hands rummage through briefcases:
    Who is it? Me? Me?

Haiku A-962

    The speaker drones on.
    We listen, but think of what?
    Food. TV. Sex. Sex.

Haiku A-970

    Symphony at six
    When all the cube farm dwellers
    Sync their Palm Pilots.

Haiku A-971

    Critical error:
    Team meeting at eight a.m.-
    No bagels ordered.