HotAIR - FOREIGN CORRESPONDENCE-- Celebrity Nutritionist and Writer (Chapter 7)


Celebrity Nutritionist and Writer (Chapter 7)

Notable effusions from our readers

by Alice Shirrell Kaswell, AIR staff

Celebrity Nutritionist and Writer Don Lemmon with good friend and fitness celebrity Michelle Ralabate

Our correspondence (for chapter 6 click here; for links to other chapters see What's New) with celebrity nutritionist Don Lemon and his attractive wife and their colleagues and friends continues.

Here is the latest. from the celebrity nutritionist himself. It appears that things have taken a dark turn:

I apologize if you were spammed by Alien Entertainment (who is actually EIO zine) today with some nonsense about my not being a nurse (never claimed to be) and about my being an extra in Planet of the Apes (wouldn't you dress like an ape for $2000 plus a day in a major film?)...

Anyways, I recently processed papers against EIO who was wholesaling my books last year until I discovered they were taking orders, not shipping, mismanaging funds... You get the idea... They are fighting back by being slanderous..... Typical.

Don Lemmon

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