HotAIR - FOREIGN CORRESPONDENCE-- Celebrity Nutritionist and Writer (Chapter 6)


Celebrity Nutritionist and Writer (Chapter 6)

Notable effusions from our readers

by Alice Shirrell Kaswell, AIR staff

Celebrity Nutritionist and Writer Don Lemmon with good friend and fitness celebrity Michelle Ralabate

Our many, varied correspondence (listed in What's New) with celebrity nutritionist Don Lemon and his attractive wife and their colleagues and friends has inspired man readers. We have been asked two questions: (a) are there other celebrity nutritionists? and (b) if so, could we list some of them.

The answer to question (a) is YES. The answer to question (b) also is YES.

Having had no direct contact with any of these other celebrity nutritionists, we would of course be hesitant to recommend them. There is only one celebrity Nutritionist Don Lemmon (so far as we know), just as there is but one attractive wife of celebrity nutritionist Don Lemmon. It would be presumptuous to assume or imply that others could in any way compare with them.

That being said, here is the list. If you know of others who should be included, please send the pertinent information to us.


Celebrity Nutritionist Carrie Watt

Celebrity Nutritionist Dean Tornabene

Celebrity Doctors
(WARNING -- the Celebrity Doctors web site might crash your browser)

Celebrity Psychiatrist Sheenah Hankin

Celebrity Surgeons

Celebrity Trainer Scott Cole

Celebrity Trainer Bash Dibra

Celebrity Trainer Michael George

Celebrity Trainer Denny Starr

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