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The benefits of watering plants with Club Soda (study)

“We used six Helzine [sic] soleirolii, commonly known as Baby’s Tears, plants to conduct our experiment. The plants were divided into two groups, A and B. Both groups were placed in the same amount of sunlight and given the same soil. The plants were fed according to florist instructions. However instead of plain tap water, group B was fed Club Soda. Every day at 7 pm each plant had one of its shoots measured and recorded. This continued for ten days. At the end of the experiment, data was arranged and compared.”

The research team, from University of Colorado Boulder, US, determined that plants watered with Club Soda fared considerably better :

“Plants given carbonated water not only grew faster but also developed a healthier shade of green in comparison to plants given tap water. […] The nutrients in the Club Soda are like a double dose of essentials for plants.”

See : The Effect of Carbonated Water on Green Plants by Lindsay Danzell and Jessica Greenberg, CU Boulder, Fall 2002.

Note: The study doesn’t specify the brand used in the experiments – the photo shows, by way of an example, President’s Choice Club Soda.

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