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Updated index of new patents for golfballs (Sept. 2012)

The GolfBall Index maintained headway into positive territory again this month – virtually equalling August’s promising figures. September 2012 ended with almost one dozen new US patents for golfballs.

• Golf ball core with soft outer transition volume and negative hardness gradient

• Multi-layer core golf ball having opposing hardness gradient with steep gradient outer core layer

• Multi-layer-core golf ball having highly-neutralized polymer outer core layer

• Golf ball

• Golf ball incorporating peptizers and method of manufacture

• Golf ball with an ionomeric inner cover, stiff TPU intermediate cover, and cast thermoset outer cover

• Multi-layer core golf ball

• Golf balls having two or more core layers formed from HNP compositions

• Low lift golf ball

• Low lift golf ball

• Golf ball with spherical polygonal dimples


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