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The Golfball Index (UPDATED: August 2012)

Although the month started slowly (there was just one new golfball patent in the first week) the index quickly regained lost ground, and soon reached one of the highest levels this year. (Showing a significant improvement on July, when the US patent office issued just 7 new patents for golfballs.) August 2012 ended with no less than 11.

Variable density core golf balls

Casing layer for polyurethane-covered and polyurea-covered golf balls

Golf balls having at least two core layers formed from HNP compositions

Multi-layer core golf ball

Golf balls having two core layers formed from HNP compositions

Golf ball

Low lift golf ball

Floating golf ball

Multi-layer cover golf ball having non-ionomeric intermediate cover layer

Multilayer golf ball containing at least three core layers, at least one intermediate barrier layer, and at least one cover layer

Low lift golf ball


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