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“Jesus the Strategic Leader” author has risen

After anxious months of waiting, Gregg F. Martin’s superiors have again validated his strategic leadership principles. Martin wrote the classic military guide “Jesus the Strategic Leader.”

On February 17, 2006, U.S. President G.W. Bush’s nomination of Gregg F. Martin was confirmed by the Senate. After writing his famous study, then-Lieutenant Colonel Martin was promoted to command the 130th Engineer Brigade of the Army?s 5th Corps — he led the U.S. Army combat engineers before, during, and for more than a year after the invasion of Iraq.

With this new promotion, he is now Brigadier General Martin.

As mentioned here previously, the 51-page-long “Jesus the Strategic Leader” includes a drawing of Martin?s “pyramid model” of Jesus the strategic leader. According to this model, Jesus is a pyramid, resting atop and partially intersecting God. God is a pyramid, too, but with a broader base. A third, inverted pyramid is supported atop Jesus?s pyramid. This third pyramid begins with what Martin calls the “Top Three” disciples (Peter, James and John) and broadens to include the other apostles, then the disciples and, topping everything, the masses.

Admirers are eager to see how high up the military pyramid the new general will rise.

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