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The rise of the Strategic Jesus author

The author of the U.S. Army War College study "Jesus the Strategic Leader" is enjoying a rapid rise in rank. Gregg F. Martin was a lieutenant colonel when he wrote the paper in the year 2000.

Martin went on to command the 130th Engineer Brigade of the Army’s 5th Corps, leading the U.S. Army combat engineers before, during, and for more than a year after the invasion of Iraq. On August 31 of this year, President G. Walker Bush nominated him for appointment to the rank of brigadier general. (Colonel Martin is currently serving as commander, U. S. Army Engineer Division, Northwestern, Portland, Oregon.)

We profiled the "Jesus the Strategic Leader" report in the March/April 2005 issue of the Annals of Improbable Research, and in our March 15 Guardian column. The 51-page-long document includes a drawing of Martin’s "pyramid model" of Jesus the strategic leader. According to this model, Jesus is a pyramid, resting atop and partially intersecting God. God is a pyramid, too, but with a broader base. A third, inverted pyramid is supported atop Jesus’s pyramid. This third pyramid begins with what Martin calls the "Top Three" disciples (Peter, James and John) and broadens to include the other apostles, then the disciples and, topping everything, the masses.

In a subsequent paper called "Submission, Self & Service:
a Model for Senior Leadership," Colonel Martin "refined the Jesus Model of Strategic Leadership" by focusing on several questions. Among them:  "Why does the US Army exist?" and "Who are my customers? The people and organizations that I and my unit serve?"

The U.S. Senate is now considering whether to confirm Colonel Martin’s promotion.

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