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Today's Water

Yet another tool for teachers

by Alice Shirrell Kaswell, AIR staff

Today's Water (or Todays Water)

Many students believe that chemistry is dry. Today's (or todays) lesson demonstrates the fallacy in that belief.

The lesson concerns the joys, the mystery, and the parodox of Today's Water (or Todays Water).

Today's Water (or Todays Water)

Today's Water (or Todays Water) is manufactured by the Healthy Waters company of Akron, Ohio. The company recommends, implicitly, that you vary the spelling of the word "Today's" (or "Todays") to both emphasize and de-emphasize the need for an apostrophe.

The Healthy Waters company offers a scientific guide to water. We quote here the most intriguing passage from that guide:

NOW you can control a vital part of your health care program at a price less than $10.00. Every doctor or health provider will tell you to drink eight 8 oz. glasses of water daily in order to reach and maintain maximum health. Although we all know that we should do this, we immediately have two questions:

1. How large is an 8 oz. glass and do I have this size in my cupboard?

2. As the day progresses we lose track of how many glasses we have had for that day and how many more we should drink.

Now there is no more confusion in this very important phase of your health program! There is now available a metered bottle, holding eight 8 oz. glasses, which you will fill each day and as the day progresses it shows how many glasses you have drunk and how many more to drink before the day is over.

The Key Item

The key item here, for any science teacher, is question one:
1. How large is an 8 oz. glass and do I have this size in my cupboard?

Our Recommendation

We recommend that , whenever you give your students a test, begin the test with this question.

Do this consistently and often, and your students will begin consistently paying attention to details. This good habit will stand them in good stead for the rest of their school career, and throughout later life.

(Thanks to investigator Lori Young for bringing Today's Water (or Todays Water) to our attention.)

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