The oddity of Henry Fairfield Osborn

The Prerogative of Harlots blog dredges up an eccentric museum head from the dim past: Histories of vertebrate paleontology at Yale tends to dwell heavily on the feuding between Marsh and Edward Drinker Cope, but I actually find the later stages of this conflict, involving AMNH‘s megalomaniacal president Henry Fairfield Osborn, even more fascinating. AMNH […]

Discovery: 1st hyena dropping from North Sea

A provocative discovery: the first hyena dropping dredged up from the North Sea. See the announcement & photo (well, you can see the photo reproduced here) from Natuurhistorisch Museum Rotterdam. This humble, yet inspiring fossil is now on display at the museum. BONUS: Further detail and thoughts, from the Wall Street Journal, with a photo […]

Museum of Burnt Food, profiled

Our colleague Deborah Henson-Conant and her Museum of Burnt Food are profiled in today’s Boston Globe: Its extensive, prestigious, decades-old collection honors cooking’s most spectacular catastrophes. In its gallery, singed, scalded and seared food is an art of accident; a curious memento to look at and tell stories about; a whimsical treatise on the inevitable […]

Creator of ‘Stalin World’ still alive

Luckily, Vilumas Malinauskus, winner of the 2001 Ig Nobel Peace Prize for creating the amusement park popularly known as “Stalin World,” in Lithuania was not murdered today. That fate met Vasily Bukhtiyenko, who set up the Stalin museum in 2005 in Volgograd, previously called Stalingrad. According to a Reuters report he was electrocuted and bludgeoned […]