Economists’ advice for bank robbers

When economists train their sights on robbers, the point traditionally is to study those who loot on the grandest, most legal scale and who are called “financiers”, and also (if there be consulting fees) to assist those persons. Economists Barry Reilly [pictured here] of the University of Sussex, and Neil Rickman and Robert Witt of the University of Surrey, went against […]

“Why Do I Like People Like Me?”

Today’s Somewhat Intriguing Study Title of the Day is: “Why Do I Like People Like Me?“, Manuel Bagues and María José Pérez Villadóniga, Universidad Carlos III Working Paper #2008/06, Revised and resubmitted to Journal of Economic Theory, October 2010. Co-author Bagues is also co-author of “Politicians’ Luck of the Draw: Evidence from the Spanish Christmas Lottery,” […]

The Basic Laws of Human Stupidity

The basic laws of human stupidity are ancient. The definitive essay on the subject is younger. Called The Basic Laws of Human Stupidity, it was published in 1976 by an Italian economist. Professor Carlo M Cipolla [pictured here, below] taught at several universities in Italy, and for many years at the University of California, Berkeley. He also […]