Dogs meet DogBots

How might real dogs react to robotic dogs?  The Sony Corporation has been investigating. Researchers at its Computer Science Laboratory in Paris, which “… engages in fundamental research in cutting edge areas of science that are relevant for pushing the state of the art in computing.” tested the ground by exposing real dogs to AIBO […]

Mudi breeders

“What could be that force, which makes particular people like maniacs, to deal with things which are worthless, ignored in the eyes of the majority of others?” This question kicks off a 2003 essay by Dr. Péter Pongrácz (Professor of Ethology, at the Institute of Biology, Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest, Hungary) regarding enthusiasts of the […]

Barking in Budapest

“ Although it is one of the most conspicuous features of dog behaviour, barking has received little attention from ethologists or from an applied perspective.” This lack of attention has been remedied by new research from the Institute of Biology, Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest, Hungary. A team from the university’s Department of Ethology, finds, in […]

Dogs on the brain

Several labs are doing research about what dogs might have in mind (and what they might not). Some of the more prominent: The Canine Cognition Lab at Harvard University, USA, which says “In the Canine Cognition Lab, we run non-invasive behavioral experiments to better understand how your dog solves problems, recognizes patterns of sound, reflects […]