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Tastes Like... Like...

 by Alice Shirell Kaswell, AIR staff


The latest addition to our collection of recipes is an old1 family2 recipe for rattlesnake chile. You can find it in HotAIR's SharewAIR section, which is now fully revamped and thing-filled.

Perhaps you have never sampled rattlesnake chile, and wish to know what variety of delicious it is.

Some say rattlesnake tastes like chicken. But subscribers to the Annals of Improbable Research know a better way to describe it. For details--and a powerful restaurant reviewing insight--see the special HotAIR version of Joe Staton's landmark research report "Tastes Like Chicken?", (The original, full version was published in the July/August 1998 issue of AIR.3)



1. We do not know how old.

2. We know nothing about the family.

3. Yes, copies of scrumptious AIR back issues are available.


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