A Sharewair response
From:[email protected]
Subject: sharewair - Beard Research

This is in reference to the research work titled "Beard 
Research" by Pete Hinckley.

The author is to be commended for carrying out the work
and presenting it in a systematic manner. However, as
regards to future research, I would like to comment on
the possible direction best suited for such work. The
study can be carried in a wind tunnel with a hole at
the bottom so as the person can put his head in and
then the tunnel be sealed again around his neck.

Variations in Parameters: 1. Wind Speed.  2. Temperature.  

Measurements: Wind velocity profile around the face can
be measured using Laser Doppler Anemometer[..a non
intrusive device].  Temperature profiles can be
measured using thermocouples.

A wide range of scenarios can be simulated and no need
to ski or bike.

hope this helps.